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Rapid changes in technology are making consumers increasingly more aware, and responsive to, visual imagery in a variety of forms. Besides the enhanced graphics found in traditional printed material such as newspapers and magazines, advertising and product packaging, consumers' attention is drawn to pictures daily in the modern innovations of computers, PDAs, email, the Internet, digital cameras, cell phones and DVDs. Consumers have come to expect to receive information quickly and concisely through graphics, because graphics reduce time spent on simple tasks, and improve or reinforce understanding of complex language and ideas.

Therefore, to compete with this barrage of visual stimuli and capture the attention of a specific audience, contemporary graphic designs must be imaginative, confident, and memorable.  Most importantly, to ensure that this level of interest translates into consumer support, graphics must be tailored to the tastes of your target market. Consumers have many choices when buying what they need or want, but are more likely to buy a product that directly connects to their unique interests. Graphics convey your message to the consumer; you have the control to determine how convincing that message will be.

Graphics Speak! features several galleries of graphic samples used in marketing and advertising. The designs were crafted in keeping with the tenets stated above: to engage the interest of the target audience with immediately recognizable ideas, and to provide accessible, effective support to the product at hand.

In some businesses, even today,  graphics are considered an afterthought—the power and potential of visual marketing is not fully understood or even recognized. Graphics are essential tools in marketing; when used effectively, they help break the barriers between you and the consumer. A successful graphic design is the one that speaks.

This Web site is dedicated to graphics that have a voice.


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